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My son excelled at a pace I could have never imagined...

My 4 year old son had never attended school before starting his pre-k year at Berean Preschool. I wanted a loving Christian environment that was also academically focused so he would be prepared for Kindergarten. About a month into the school year, his teacher noticed he was finishing his work quickly and he wasn't being challenged enough. She tested him and realized he was ready to try the Kinder-bridge curriculum, but of course asked for my approval first. We went with it and my son excelled at a pace I could have never imagined. By the end of the school year, he was reading books! He loved school and his teachers, and what more could I have asked for? This may not be the flashiest preschool in town, but rest assured your child will be loved and he or she will learn everything needed to begin Kindergarten (or even first grade!). There were 2 field trips during the year, a Christmas concert, and a precious graduation ceremony at the end of the year complete with caps and gowns. I'm so glad we chose this preschool for our son.

Stephanie M.

4 year old tested to start Kindergarten... he scored the best!

I am writing this letter to express my deepest thanks to Berean Preschool. As an army wife, moving around is not easy especially, when children are involved... I cannot put into words what Berean did for my son. He knows things that not most four year olds know. He knows his alphabet, how to count to 100, all his colors, shapes, and he just talks so mature, and even plays video games better than me. He says things to me like, “mommy did you hear that guy, he is hilarious”. My son was born in November and actually missed the cut off to go to kindergarten this August 2012 by exactly two months. My husband and I decided to have him tested by SVPSD; he passed with flying colors, and will be starting kindergarten this year. We were actually told that out of 25 children tested so far that day that he scored the best! I am so proud of our son and honestly if it wasn’t for sending our son to a school and not just a daycare for him to play all day this would not be possible. If you want your child to not only have fun but, really learn too then please bring them to Berean Preschool... Thank you so, so much!!!!

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